Inter-school Mathematics Competition 2018 – 2019

Inter-school Mathematics Competition 2018 – 2019

The inter-school mathematics competition was successfully held on 10 Nov 2018. It aimed to raise students’ interest in mathematics and improve their problem-solving skills in various mathematical problems. The group event also aimed to promote team spirit and cooperation among students. Students gained lots of fun and experience during trainings and competition.

Halloween activities

 Our school’s  Halloween Activities Day was successfully held on 25 Oct 2018.

 All classes participated in the activity in the afternoon. Students had to form groups and completed a series of game tasks to win prizes. And some students worked as helpers.

 The activity aimed to create an atmosphere about foreign festivals and cultures for students to immerse in, and cultivate an English-learning environment to improve students’ English speaking ability.

 The group games also facilitated collaboration among students. Most of the groups were able to complete all game tasks within the time limit.

 We believe the students enjoyed the activity. Their enthusiastic participation and sense of teamwork are well captured in the pictures.

School Logo Design Contest


To stimulate students’ imagination and creativity

To enhance the sense of belonging at school



Criteria: Originality, Aesthetic quality, Creativity &Reproducibility

We received a total of 56 entries in the preliminary round, where 8 works were selected and posted on Facebook for a vote, open to students, alumni, parents, and staff, to choose the winner, and the two runners-up.


Work Inspiration of Champion (4B Lau Po Yi #2)


There are a combination of different meanings in the making of this Logo, the wings symbolising freedom, the foliage referring to the nature, the torch representing victory, the books emphasizing our studies & learning, the M-shaped figure illustrating the meaning of all of us staying under the same roof which is our school. The whole design embodies the message of how the school acts as the shelter for all the students so that students can learn and gain in school and finally be the winners (life-long learners) in life.

1st Runner Up1st Runner Up: 3A Garcia Micah Patricia L. #3

2nd Runner Up2nd Runner Up: 1A Yip Wing Yan #5