Underground to Community-Graffiti Arts in Hong Kong Course Closing and Student Art Piece Exhibition Opening Ceremony

The ceremony will be on 16th of May 2015 (Saturday), at 3p.m. at G/F Domain Mall, Yau Tong. 

student_art_piece_exhibition_01.jpgRacial Harmony
Gurung Apsara (5A)
Thapa Mona (3B)
Thapa Binita (3B)
Gurung Malina (3B)
Bura Asmi (2A)
We are Nepali and we love our country so that’s why there’s a map of Nepal in the middle. We are all united in Hong Kong. We don’t discriminate towards countries or nationalities, so we put flags altogether to show our love.Love and Care for One Another 
Paita June R. A. (5B)
Negi Wandana P. (5B)
Irfan M. (5B)
Rendell Jordan (5A)
Canar Janrell V. (2A)
The flags represent the countries and cities of those people living in Hong Kong. The man represents peace since he is giving a peace sign with his hand. The name of our work is “Love and Care for one another” and our idea is loving and caring for one another.Love Harmony
Limbu Silpa (5A)
Limbu Meerina (5A)
Tamang Deep (3B)
Gurung Kamal (3B)
We put our Nepali culture in the form of cartoons and funny characters, national symbols and alphabets. We also inserted some words in Chinese and other languages to say that we would like to share our love to our neighbors from different religions and countries.Peace 尊重
Ye Yating (5C)
Liu Pui Tung (5C)
Alconaba Jayvee D. C. (5B)
Suripon Preedee (3B)
Our work is inspired by music so that’s why you can see there are lots of music signs. We believe that our world is full of special people with different nationalities and talents, who bring peace and happiness. Music brings us together for a brighter future.