Metacognitive Learning: Pre-lesson Preparation

● Philosophy of Pre-lesson Preparation

Pre-lesson preparation requires students to read through new materials and learn by themselves before the lesson. Having a brief understanding before class enables students to acquire new knowledge better and faster.  Some students do not have a habit of pre-lesson preparation and they do not know what to expect in class. They just listen to teachers blindly and do whatever they are asked to do. Learning like that lacks motivation and students’ participation.

● Advantages of Pre-lesson Preparation

1. Students can identify areas of weakness in their knowledge so they can overcome them before the lesson. With the obstacles removed, they can then acquire new knowledge effectively.

2. Students can follow teachers’ train of thought in class more easily. They understand what they need to focus on and take relevant notes on main points. They can then comprehend and digest the teaching materials better.

3. Students can identify the objectives and difficult parts before the lesson and attend it with questions in mind. They become active learners who look for answers in class. They will then be more motivated and their learning effectiveness will increase.

4. The quality of note-taking will improve as students have a picture of the lesson and related teaching materials after pre-lesson preparation. They can then makes notes only on what is not on the textbooks, what they do not understand and the key points stressed by the teacher. More time will be spent on thinking and comprehension.

● Establish a database on the school server

Pre-lesson records and related teaching materials are stored on the school serverto create a database with resources readily available for other teachers for sustainable development.