Aesthetic Development

Aesthetic Development is an essential component of Other Learning Experiences in the new senior secondary curriculum. No public examinations are required for Aesthetic Development in order to provide more flexibility for students to learn in a more relaxing way through appreciating, creating, performing and reflecting.


NSS Aesthetic Development is the continuation of the Arts Education in the Basic Education, and the goals are:

1. To develop creativity and critical thinking and nurture aesthetic sensitivity;

2. To develop positive values and attitudes in diversified cultures; and

3. To pursue a life-long interest in arts.


To ensure sufficient exposure in Aesthetic Development, our school provides S.4-S.6 students with timetabled lessons divided in the following categories:

A. Arts & Design

B. Music

C. Drama

D. Dance

E. Others

In addition to regular lessons, our school provides extended activities to enhance their understanding of aesthetic activities in the community.


The programmes and co-curricular activities organised are listed as follows:


1. English Drama                       

2. Drama Program                      

3. Social Dance                          

4. Hip-hop Dance                       

Co-curricular Activities

1. Music & Career Workshop                                     

2. Parody Music Talk                                                 

3. Acoustic Guitar Workshop                                    

4. Art Exhibition Visit       

5. Magic Theatre