Community Service

Community Service in our school aims to heighten students’ sense of responsibility and care for the community and make students understand the needs of the underprivileged through different kinds of community services. Students are given different outreach opportunities to the community as follows:

●   Flag Days

●   Unison Hikathon

●   Beach Clean-up

●   The Community Chest Flag Day

●   Multi-Cultural Carnival

●   Lifeline Express CCB (Asia) Charity Run / Walk

●   Love.Sharing Charity Ticket Selling

●   Kwun Tong Poon Choi Banquet for the Elderly

●   JPC Voluntary Spring Clean for the Elderly

●   Winter Precaution Anti-crime Bus Parade

●   New Home Association Voluntary Services

●   Visit Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

●   Voter Registration Services