Moral, Civic and National Education(MCNE)

Moral, Civic and National Education(MCNE) is an integral part of whole-person education and development. Through participating in Moral, Civic and National Education programmes and activities, students should acquire the ability in linking themselves, as individuals, with other issues in different aspects – like personal, family, social, national and global issues. In addition to the connection discovered, students are encouraged to rethink about their positions, rights and duties in different contexts so as to foster their positive life values and attitudes.


Moral, Civic and National Educationis a cross-curricular subject with MCNE contents merged into different subjects. An interactive approach is adopted with a wide variety of activities such as training camps and learning experiences activities in order to develop students' interest ability to analyse relevant issues at different developmental stages, and enhance their willingness to make commitments and contributions.


Activities and programmes are listed as follows:

●   The Morning Reading Scheme gives students exposure to a variety of reading texts chosen by teachers. The texts not only increase the breadth and depth of students’ knowledge but also raise their awareness of different social issues.Timetabled Homeroom Periods (HRPs) consist of talks, workshops and lessons on different topics. Our teachers or guest speakers will lead our students to discuss different issues in order to foster students’ positive values. HRPs include:

◊   Road Safety Talk

◊   Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop

◊   Emotion Talk

◊   Online Learning Talk

◊   Sex Education Talk

◊   Positive Psychology Talk

◊   Communication skill Classroom activity

●   Non-recurring learning activities, such as “Chinese Culture Quiz Competition” and “Fund-raising Causal Wear Day”, etc. give students a deeper understanding of related ideas and social issues by firsthand personal experience.

●   Our teaching team and students have taken part in several MCNE activities organized by the EDB such as Summer Putonghua Training Camp in mainland China, Teaching Exchange Camp, etc.

●   Our MCNE team is currently reorganizing relevant teaching materials in different subjects to create a teaching resources database. The database will provide a wealth of resources that are readily available for use and promote professional sharing of teaching experience between teachers.