Physical Development

In addition to double-period PE lessons scheduled in every form, Physical Development in our school consists of a wide variety of competitions, training, visits and other activities that promote a habit of doing exercise and playing sports and healthy lifestyle among students.


●   Inter-school Basketball Competition

●   Inter-school Badminton Competition

●   Inter-school Table Tennis Competition

●   Inter-school Athletics Competition

●   Inter-school Rugby Seven Competition

●   Inter-school Sports Competition

●   Inter-School Boys Hockey Competition

●   Athletics Badges Award Assessment

●   Beginners Fencing Competition

●   Hong KongInter-schoolBadminton Team Championships (BOCHK)

●   Friendly Basketball Match

●   Friendly Cricket Match

●   Touch Rugby Competition

●   Secondary School Cricket League-Junior

●   Secondary School Cricket League-Senior

●   Sports Day

●   Joint-school Sports Day

●   Joint-school Swimming Gala

●   Inter-class Basketball Competition

●   Inter-class Volleyball Competition

●   Inter-class Football Competition

●   Inter-class Badminton Competition

●   Inter-class Table Tennis Competition

●   Lunch Activity - Table Tennis Competition

●   Lunch Activity - 3-Pointer Competition

●   Lunch Activity - Girls 3-on-3 Basketball Competition

●   Lunch Activity - Teacher-student Basketball Competition

l   Teachers Games Day


●   Hockey Training

●   Outreach (Joint Schools) Athletics Training Course

●   Fencing Training

●   RugbySeven Training

●   Swimming Training

Visits & Other Activities

●   Visit International Football Friendly Match

●   Hockey Match Visit

●   Hong KongSevens Visit

●   Dragon Boat Experience