Project-based Learning

●  S1-S3:

Mode of delivery: Implemented in individual subjects

Students do projects for individual subjects under the guidance of subject teachers. Subject teachers can design projects for students from the different topics in the curriculum. Students gain new knowledge through discovery and this promotes self-learning and trains their generic skills.


●  S4:

Mode of delivery: Cross-curricular

The project format, guidelines and assessment criteria are decided by the organising committee. Students can form their own groups and choose topics they are interested in. They complete their projects as a group through data collection, data consolidation, analysis, conclusion and reflection under the guidance of teachers.


●  S5:

Independent Enquiry Study (IES)

Independent Enquiry Study (IES) is adopted as the mode of school-based assessment in HKDSE Liberal Studies, in which candidates are required to demonstrate various skills such as problem-solving, data collection and analysis, and communication. It provides a valuable opportunity for candidates to carry out a focused enquiry into a contemporary social issue of interest with increased independence, and to present their views, ideas, findings, evaluations and personal reflections in a report.