Reading to Learn

Morning Reading Scheme

The school is committed to promotingstudents' reading habit and awareness ofcurrent affairswith “Morning Assembly, Reading Session & News Session”. Students must write about one piece of news or story every day except on the days of assemblies (four entries in total every week).


●  Time: 8:10-8:40am, before the 1st period every school day.

●  Reading: Teachers share different articles every week to expand the range of texts students read.

●  TVNews: Students watch TVB Newsonce a week to become more aware of current affairs.

●  Newspaper: Students read newspapers twice a weekto become more aware of current affairs and develop a reading habit.Students need to finish the news record every day.

Junior English Section: Students Standard

Senior English Section: SCMP

Chinese Section:        Ming Pao


Promotion of Reading

●  Aims

1. To support the formal curriculum through reading activities penetrating different levels;

2. To enhance the reading atmosphere at school; and

3. To develop students’ reading habit.


●  Activities

1. Library Lesson

- Chinese and English subject teachers arrange library lessons twice a year while other subjects once a year.

- Teachers design activities or worksheets for students during the lesson.

- The students are encouraged to borrow books from the library for the activities or worksheets.

2. Book Fair

- Book Fairs will be organized twice a year.

3. Writers Talk

- Famous writers are invited to our school to share their views on writing and fun of reading twice a year.

4. Reading Award Scheme

- Student can gain marks by borrowing books, writing book reports or participating in other reading activities to win a Bronze Prize, a Silver Prize or a Gold Prize.

- Winners get certificates, gifts and badges.

5. Book Sharing

- Twice a month: one English book and one Chinese book.

- Students or teachers share their books during morning assemblies.

6. Lunchtime Reading Café

- Four times a year with different themes.

- Books of related topics will be on display at the school hall.

- Students can sit back and enjoy reading during lunchtime.