Setting Academic Goals Scheme

●  Aims: To enhance the intrinsic motivation of students by setting and achieving individual and reasonable learning goals

●  Target Group: S.1

●  Steps of Setting GOAL:

1. In the “Setting Academic Goals” form, students evaluate their “learning effectiveness” in the previous Test/Exam by giving 1-5 marks for each subject.

2. Students fill in their subject marks (in 100%) they got in the previous Test/Exam.

3. Students evaluate their “learning effectiveness” in the present term by giving 1-5 marks for each subject.

4. Based on their expectation and self-evaluation, students will predict the results in the first examination and fill in their predictions in the “Expected Exam Marks/ Grades” column. The higher the expectation, the higher the marks/grades. Class teachers will guide students to set reasonable goals)

5. The predicted marks must not be lower than those in the 1st General Test.

6. Points will be calculated by the students themselves after they have received the exam results.

7. Rewards will be given to student based on the points they get.