Teaching Enhancement Scheme

1. Introduction

To allow effective planning for teachers of the same subjects and forms, a new Teaching Enhancement Scheme will be introduced to all the subjects. The Teaching Enhancement Scheme involves collaborative lesson planning, lesson observation and post-observation conferences as part of the Planning-Implementation-Evaluation cycle of teacher professional development.


2. Objectives

●  To allow in-depth discussions and constant reflections on students’ learning difficulties;

●  To design effective strategies and lesson materials;

●  To enhance teaching and learning effectiveness; and

●  To promote professional exchange among teachers.


3. Implementation

●   Four to five teachers will form a collaborative lesson planning team.

●   Collaborative lesson planning session

Only the collaborative lesson planning team will be involved at this stage. The teacher to be observed can select the lesson he/she would like to plan and to be observed for, and all the preparation that follows will focus on the lesson.

●   Lesson observation

The lesson observation team will consist of: 1) Assistant Principal, 2) Prefect of Studies and 3) one or two members of the same team. The Assistant Principal and Prefect of Studies will focus on the overall effectiveness of the lesson while team member(s) should evaluate the implementation of teachings strategies discussed in the collaborative lesson planning session.

●   Post-observation conference

Preferably arranged on the same day of the lesson observation, the post-observation conference focuses on the reflection of the teacher observed. The lesson observation team will also give comments on how the teacher observed can improve in order to enhance the teaching effectiveness of the teacher observed.

The Assistant Principal and Prefect of Studies will fill in a lesson observation evaluation form while the teacher observed should complete a self-evaluation form on the effectiveness of the strategies and materials after the lesson.


4. Expected outcomes

●   A databank with lesson plans and materials available for other teachers who are going to teach the same topics;

●   A culture of professional exchange of experience and teaching materials among subject teachers; and

●   Teachers’ continuous self-evaluation and reflection to enhance teaching and learning effectiveness


5. Success criteria

●   100% of the teaching staff upload their lesson plans and materials onto the databank;

●   80% of the teaching staff find the collaborative lesson planning sessions useful; and

   80% of the teaching staff find the post-observation conferences useful.